We have bundled a considerable amount of Advanced Applications within the Best Free Website Builder in 2019 Site Control Panel. All these tools will help you do straightforward jobs for example protecting a directory with a pass word and also more advanced ones like, as an example, changing the PHP release of your web hosting account. Despite the tasks they do are not the same, the whole set of Advanced Applications have one uniformity. They are quite easy–to–work–with and demand virtually no specific expertise from you.

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against data transfer theft

From the Best Free Website Builder in 2019 Site Control Panel, you’ll be able to immediately secure all the images in your web sites from getting used anywhere else without having your agreement. And you will do this with a few mouse–clicks by making use of the Hotlink Protection tool.

All you have to make is simply choose the domain you want to safeguard and then start the Hotlink Protection. Changes are going to take effect in no time and your pictures will be protected against unwanted use and data transfer thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Computerized creation of .htaccess files

Thanks to the .htaccess file, it’s easy to manage your web site – set up redirections, set up username and password guarded folders, and so on. Through the Best Free Website Builder in 2019 Site Control Panel, it’s easy to make completely new .htaccess files employing the mighty .htaccess Generator.

You do not have to know anything as related to .htaccess files so as to use Best Free Website Builder in 2019’s .htaccess Generator. Only indicate the modifications you prefer to produce using the tool’s easy–to– navigate interface and it will automatically produce the necessary code on your behalf.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop malicious IPs from your site

When you’ve got top–ranked website, ultimately you fall victim to spammers and malicious website visitors. It is easy to defend all of your websites from this sort of behavior with the IP blocking instrument included in Best Free Website Builder in 2019’s Site Control Panel. The tool will give you the option to timely stop an IP address or an entire range of IPs with merely a mouse–click.

Joined with the comprehensive web stats and Best Free Website Builder in 2019’s GeoIP redirection instruments, the IP Blocking tool will enable you to successfully control the ways to access your site.

IP Blocking