The bigger your website gets, the more complex email managing turns into. And this is when you can take benefit from the fully featured E Mail Accounts Manager. It includes each of the features you will need so that you can get in command of your email accounts, plus it’s equipped with a straightforward user interface. With merely a couple of clicks of your computer mouse you will be able to set up email forwarding, set up an e–mail autoresponder, set up anti–spam security, etc. Just scroll down to discover what the E Mail Accounts Manager can provide you!


Created to hold spam faraway from you

No one wants spam inside the e–mail account. Because of this, we’ve developed a customizable anti–spam solution in accordance with expertly designed techniques that separate incoming electronic mail messages and hold the unsolicited e–mail away.

You can choose among several levels of defense, subject to exactly what spam messages you get. In addition, you can indicate a different volume of spam protection for other e–mail accounts. Ultimately, you can select how things go about to e–mails marked as spam – to be erased or sent to a particular mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

Divert messages from one e–mail account to another

We’ve managed to make it very easy if you want to forward e–mail messages from a mailbox to an alternative one inside your hosting account. All you need to do is pick the e–mail account that you want to forward and then fill in the desired mailbox where you need each of the messages to be sent to.

You may also switch on a duplicate of each forwarded message to be left in the e–mail account which you have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Manage your mailboxes without any difficulty

If you receive lots of emails every day, it’s crucial to have them sorted. That is why Best Free Website Builder in 2019 offers server–side e–mail filters which come into action well before you look at your mailbox for newly–arrived e–mail messages. Hence, in the event you make your customized spam filters, you will never see spam within your mailbox!

Creating up–to–date e–mail filters is really quick. You will have to designate precisely what the filter needs to search for, the place that the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) and what transpires with the filtered emails.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys and also SPF protection for your personal mailbox

We’ve taken measures to further safeguard all your mailboxes from unsolicited mail activities. Thanks to the SPF protection service it is possible to designate the servers which are certified to deliver mail on behalf of your site. This way, e–mails giving the impression they are from your web address that didn’t originate from your allowed set of hosts are going to be automatically placed to the spam folder.

We’ve at the same time provided you with DomainKeys for all your e–mail accounts within your cloud hosting account. DomainKeys is an email authorization system that determines the validity of an email message by validating the mail hosting server of the e–mail sender and then the message integrity.

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